Tomek is a boy with pure mind…

Hello People,

Members of UnknownTwinks know who is Tomek, he is just wonderful boy. You can see him on this picture:

Beautiful virgin boy Tomek

When I look at him during some times and let my imagination run away with some sexual thoughts, a lot of good sexual things coming to my head, but Tomek afraid anal sex. The thing is that his asshole is still virgin. He told that then he tries to put something in it, it was some pain. I told maybe he didn’t use lube or took too big dildo? He told that is a sex shop it was the most little dick, but still it was very hard to insert it in to the virgin boy asshole.

So the thing is: Tomek very young, very beautiful 18y.o. boy, but now he only learning to have sex with men. His thoughts about the girls that they are stupid and cann’t satisfy his dreams. He is special. And we can see it. I write here, because maybe you have some advise how to prepare Tomek asshole for penetration? Maybe some new method? I’m already told him that he can finger fuck it and only with a lot of lube. What else? I saw some toys, something like you put it the ass very little dick and then pump it and hold it there for some time. It makes ass hole more elastic. Here is the photo of his virgin asshole:

Beautiful virgin boy Tomek

As you see it is very tight, and not ready for big men. So Tomek have his own attitude to boy and boy relationship: He want meet some wealthy men and he want be like teenage lover, now he can and his face and body are 100% suitable for it. But, he want to have free time for things he like. And in sex he can do the following:

  • lick and suck only clean dick (can be big also)
  • he like lick asshole, but it also need to be clean and he will not put tongue inside your asshole, he is so sensitive that if he discover even one item of shit, it can influent to your relationship. So clean asshole even inside.
  • Kissing also he like, but not with smokes or old men, who have specific smell in the month.
  • It is a little bit problem with anal sex. If it is small dick it is okey, but BIG dick he can not handle right now. Maybe long dick it is not a problem, but fat dick deffinitely not now.

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